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"If I am not for myself, then who will be? And if I am only for myself, then what am I?
Life is not for what you make of it today, but for the people around you that make up your tomorrow.

-Going it Alone-Jan 2014!

09 February 2010

WEEK 25!

GOD works in mysterious ways!  The past few weeks have been fraught w/land minds of hope, fear, joy and miracles. Every few weeks, we climb into the family truckster and driver over to the doctor's office for our multiples check-up by our specialist (Dr. Berry-our Perinatologist). During Lara's 22nd week sonogram, we were told that Lara's cervix had 'thinned' to an alarming rate and it was extensive enough to cause major alarm bells to go off. The specialists believed and told us, that she could potentially go into labor if her cervix was to get any 'thinner' and put her @ high 'risk' for pre-term labor. Average cervical length is 3.5cm-4.0cm. Lara's cervical length (or neck of the womb) had dropped from 3.2cm to JUST 1.8cm. Many women, who's cervix length drop below 1.0cm - experience pre-term labor.

This news set off fears and worry like a rocket in both Lara and I, and Lara was immediately placed on 100% bedrest.
The following day and night, prayers began circulating and positive juju surrounded our little men, in a way, words cannot describe. Lara was adamant, to do whatever it took in her power, to ensure her little men were given the best possible care. Even if that meant, for the next 15 weeks, she was forced to stay bedridden.
2 days later - with a return visit to see our Perinatologist - Lara's progress report had miraculously changed 180 degress. We were witnessing a MIRACLE! The neck of her womb, had "DOUBLED" in size - something - doctors 'rarely' see (less than 1% was the ratio we were told). Lara was now showing 3.3cm(33mm) in length and proof in the sonogram illustrated that she was progressing 'brilliantly'. As if nothing had ever happened just 2 days previously.
Needless to say, we felt so compelled to thank everyone that prayed for the safety and security of our little angels - we sent out emails to all our family and friends to alert them of the good news. We truly believe God's hand was at work inside Lara's little belly. My mom said it best when she commented: 'God must have something very special in mind for those 2 little boys, too grant such a miracle to happen'. I could not agree with her more.
Today, is week 25+2days, with the latest checkup providing Lara w/ a perfect bill of health - a very positive '2-thumbs-way-up'. Lara is doing great and was taken off bedrest @ the start of week 24!
Check out my beautiful baby and her adorable belly @ the start of week25.

God works in mysterious ways!

Week Twenty Five: Exploration continues

You are 25 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 23 weeks)
The unborn child is 34 cm in length and weighs almost 690 grams.
Baby is around 13.5 inches in length and weighs 1 and half pounds.
Bones are becoming solid, hands are now fully developed.
The brain is growing rapidly, the brain cells are starting to mature.
The sexual organs are fully developed.Baby is now pretty well built portion wise even though it still has little body fat and its skin is thin. The structures of the spine begin to form -- All 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments. The tiny brain is growing rapidly, and the baby is starting to fill the space in your uterus. The uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball and mom looks pregnant.
Your baby's hands are now fully developed, although some of the nerve connections to the hands have a long way to go. Dexterity is improving. Your baby can make a fist and clasp objects placed in palm. Exploring the structures inside your uterus may have become baby's prime entertainment. Fascinated by the amount of tactile stimulation a fetus gives itself; it touches a hand to the face, one hand to the other hand, clasps its feet, touches its foot to its leg, its hand to its umbilical cord. Twins will explore each other and begin their bonding. See: Twins 3D sonagram movie.Blood vessels of the lungs develop. Your baby's nostrils begin to open. The nerves around the mouth and lip area are showing more sensitivity now. Their swallowing reflexes are developing. Baby can hear sounds outside the womb and the brain cells are starting to mature also. Already it can learn and remember and can recognise its mother and fathers voice.Babies at 25 weeks of pregnancy stand a 50% chance of survival.